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Are you looking for a London based waste company that will be able to meet the demands of a constantly changing waste market?

Are you looking for a waste management company that can advise you on government legislation and requirements of the waste industry?

Become part of the London Waste Technology LWT Partnership Program and gain instant access to environmental and financially viable, cost effective solutions, and an unrivalled level of support. All backed by over 50 years combined industry experience.

LWT (London Technology Waste) works to ensure your success, helping you profit from opportunities within the waste industry. LWT (London Technology Waste) has an unmatched level of strength, experience and expertise.

Your Waste Your Responsibility!

New Waste Treatment Guidelines came into force on 30th October 2007. The new EU regulations for non-hazardous waste are now law. These new laws affect your business if you are generating non-hazardous waste.

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Treatment of Non-hazardous Wastes For Landfill

Non-hazardous Waste Must be Pre-treated before going to Landfill

If you're looking for professional, cost effective options for compacting, cardboard baling, recycling or specialist equipment London Waste Technology has the right waste machines, the expertise and technical support for you.

Contact us now on 0207 937 6262 or email info@lwtechnology.co.uk

London Waste Technology(LWT) - Roll-packer Mobil-Jumbo RP 7700M
London Waste Technology (LWT)- Compact Cardboard Baler

London Waste Technology (LWT) - APB 606London Waste Technology (LWT) - CK 606



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