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Cardboard BalersEuropean Union (EU) regulations require companies to reduce waste materials being produced and where this is not possible, to minimise volume of waste going to landfill sites.

Recycling can be one of the best methods of achieving this objective.

Disposable or damaged packaging and manufacturing waste now forms an essential link in the recycling chain (60% recycling rate for cardboard). There are environmental and economical management benefits to reducing your waste.

At London Waste Technology, we are committed to helping your company not only save money by managing waste effectively, but also to comply with EU regulations.

Cardboard Balers are designed to meet the needs of all sorts of industrial companies and distribution businesses so that volumes of non-hazardous industrial waste such as cardboard, plastic, paper and other manufacturing waste can be reduced.

A reduction in your volume of waste means a reduction in your costs in terms of landfill taxes, collections and storage.

London Waste Technology can provide you with a full range of vertical and horizontal balers which produce balers ranging from 25 kilos to 500+ kilos.

London Waste Technology can provide CK 50, CK 150, CK 250 and CK 500 horizontal cardboard balers and CK 450 and CK 600 horizontal balers. Click on the images below to see more information.

London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers - CK50L CK 50L
This model is suitable for small areas and low height for standard door clearance
London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers CK 151 CK 151
This model is suitable for companies who create substantial amounts of waste.
London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers CK 250

CK 250
This mid-range model is ideal for premises where a substantial amount of waste is generated.

London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers CK 500

CK 500
An industrial sized baler suitable for high throughput premises.

London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers CK 450HL CK 450HL
This model has a throughput of 2 tonne per hour.
London Waste Technology Cardboard Balers CK 600H CK 600H
This model provides a throughput of 2.5 tonnes per hour and is ideal for waste processors and factories.




If you're looking for professional, cost effective options for compacting, cardboard baling, recycling or specialist equipment London Waste Technology has the right waste machines, the expertise and technical support for you.

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London Waste Technology(LWT) - Roll-packer Mobil-Jumbo RP 7700M
London Waste Technology (LWT)- Compact Cardboard Baler

London Waste Technology (LWT) - APB 606London Waste Technology (LWT) - CK 606



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