London Waste Technology Case Studies

Case Study 1

Our customer a Major Restaurant Group in the UK had numerous premises where space and disposal costs had become on issue. Due to increase in landfill costs and changes in E.U. Recycling Regulations a review of their disposal methods was under taken.

Each site would be surveyed and dealt with on an individual basis. The initial site had a system of 10 x 1100 litre wheelie bins emptied daily at a cost of £8.00 per bin, with a weekly cost of £560.00 and an annual disposal cost of £29,100.00.

After surveying the site LWT Ltd suggested installing a Cardboard Baler which would immediately reduce the waste going to landfill by 50%. As the cardboard would be collected free of charge the costs to our client for disposal will also be reduced by 50 %. By recycling the cardboard E.U. targets were also being achieved.

The remaining general waste still required 5 bins daily. A PS 8100 Roto Compactor which takes a similar floor area of to that of a 1100 litre bin was then installed. The Roto compacts the equivalent of 8 – 10 bins (£64-£80) in to one bag. The disposal cost of this bag is £30.00.

As well as saving approximately £20,000.00 per annum on direct disposal cost, valuable space was freed up. The management were also impressed, as the changes lead to a cleaner and more efficient back of house.

Case Study 2

Our client a prominent London landmark was aware of the changes in environmental regulations and wanted to undertake a recycling programme which would meet these requirements. The company compactor was being uplifted every 10 days at a cost of approximately £489.00 per lift, 36 times per year equating to £17,604.00 per annum.

324 tons of waste per annum was previously produced of which 50% was cardboard. By installing a Mill Size baler their general waste going to landfill was reduced by 50% saving approximately £9,000.000 per annum. With the Mill Size Baler producing a revenue of approx £30.00 per ton at 162 ton per annum a further saving of £5,670.00 could be realised.

With a substantial saving of over 80% on original disposal costs, the clients has not only met their environmental target but has also produced a saving of £14,000 +.

If you're looking for professional, cost effective options for compacting, cardboard baling, recycling or specialist equipment London Waste Technology has the right waste machines, the expertise and technical support for you.

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